Babak (Hassan)  Badkoobeh (was born on August 31, 1977) is an Iranian communications, advertising and branding specialist, lecturer and consultant in business and advertising, actor, presenter, writer, director, producer and investor of cinema and television.

Babak was born in Tehran, Iran.

Babak Badkoobeh received a bachelor’s degree in cinematography and film and video production from Soore University in 2001, and Master of Science degree in entrepreneurial marketing from Payame Noor University in 2019. Later he got a Master of Science degree in marketing from Neoma France University (2019) and a PhD in management from IPAG University (2021) in France.

Communications and Marketing

In 1997, Babak and his father founded “Roozgar e Torfeh” Institute of Arts and Culture and got involved in cultural work, advertising and branding consulting and distanced himself from performance and acting. This institute was established with the aim of cultural influences on society and with the comprehensive license of all cultural activities. Then he established “Royaye Talaiye Shahr” with the specialized purpose of advertising media in 2004.

In 2012, he founded Badkoobeh Creative Communication Solutions advertising agency and has taken the CEO role since then. He is also the editor-in-chief of Badkoobeh Communications, Advertising and Branding Magazine, and Badkoobeh Publications.

His other cultural activities include making more than 150 cultural TV commercials on the following subject: prohibition of violence against women, respecting right-of-way, environmental awareness, global warming, respect for parents, child protection, etc. Although years have passed of their production, some of them are still broadcasting on television and have been sharing on social media. He is also the producer of more than 500 TV commercials, some of which are among the notable commercials made in Iran.

During more than 20 years of his professional activity in the field of communications, advertising and marketing, he has consulted brand managers of leading global and local brands such as LG, Unilever, Henkel, Peugeot and created major brands such as Puffila, Mak Pasta, AP, 780, Sanjabak, Easy Pipe, Kavir Tire, Bale, Shouder, 60 and Famila; and repositioned brands such as Shahrzad Tea, Bartar, Day Insurance, Moallem Insurance, Mellat Bank, Hofmann, Melli Bank Modaresane Sharif, Kachiran, Snowa, Himalia, Zanjireh Omid Kids House Charity and Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation.

Babak and his team have twice won the award for the best World TV Commercial.   Through his revolutionary strategies which he has adopted in management in recent years, he has decreased company costs by 40% and multiplied the profit of Badkoobeh Agency by ten. Curiously enough he has simultaneously doubled his agency’s employees from 100 to 200.

He is also the founder of Badkoobeh School, which specializes in advertising, marketing and brand communication. Badkoobeh is now the most valuable brand in the advertising industry in Iran.

Moreover, he has given free lectures at TEDx several times in Iran and numerous other seminars, workshops at universities, sharing his knowledge and experience with the enthusiasts of the field. He is a member of the Managing Committee of Iran Tai Chi Chikung Academy as well.

Cinema and Television

Babak Badkoobeh has started his artistic activity at the age of 6 (1983) in the TV show Bacheha ino Shenidid? His most famous TV show up is playing in the old and memorable series Dar Khaneh (1985), a joint work of Bijan Birang and Massoud Rassam. Akbar Abdi, Shahla Riahi and Roya Afshar played in this series. Badkoobeh’s collaboration with Bijan Birang and Massoud Rassam continued in the series Koodakaneh (1987) and Hamsayeha (1988). The movie Safare Jadoyee (1991) was his first professional experience in cinema directed by Abolhassan Davoodi.

Until 1997, he had appeared as a popular presenter in television programs and children’s programs such as Tabestaneh, Paeeze, Sabz, Sefid, Ghermez, Ba Javanan and Bam e Roshanayee, and he has written and directed the TV series Jostejogaran e Javan. His next-TV series was a comedy named Luce Luce which was written, directed and produced by him and broadcast on the national television of Iran.

He co-starred with Akbar Abdi through the movie Hamkhaneh in 2007.

In late 2014, he produced and performed in the live TV show Inja Ayande, which included episodes on social, political, and sports topics and was aired on IRIB TV1, one of the national television channels in Iran. The last episode of this program was specially made for the Iranian New Year (2015) and was broadcast with the performance of Ali Zia, a famous Iranian presenter. With more than 14 hours of live performance, it is considered as a record in live performance and broadcasting on Iranian television.

In 2017, Badkoobeh invested in the movie Dressage directed by his brother Pouya. It turned out to be the most honourable film of the year in the Iranian cinema, receiving more than 20 national and international awards and nominations.The most of these awards are the Golden Award for Best Film at the 2019 Geneva Oriental Film Festival, the Special Jury Prize in Berlin 2018, and the Crystal Simorgh Award for Best Film at the 36th Fajr International Film Festival 2018, and Shanghai Best Actress Award 2018. The same year in 2018 he managed well to produce the movie “Mars” which stars acted in, For the movie “Ticket to paradise ” he played his role as producer in 2019, the late months of 2019 the project of short film “upstairs neighbor” started and Babak Badkoobeh was Perfectly performed as producer,and after that he continued activity in cinema in the movie “Tara” in 2020 directed by Kaveh Ghahraman as an investor and producer. And his lates appearance in cinema was as the producer of the movie “Mosaferkhaneh” which was filmed in 2022.


  • Golden Award for Best Film at the 2019 Geneva Oriental Film Festival
  • Special Jury Prize Berlin 2018
  • Shanghai Best Actress Award 2018
  • Best Australian Persian Film Award 2018
  • Crystal Simorgh, the best first film of the 36th Fajr International Film Festival 1397
  • Special Award for Roshd Judges 2018
  • Toronto 2018 Iran Best First Film Award
  • Toronto Iran Best Screenplay Award 2018
  • Nominated for Best First Berlin Film 2018
  • Nominated for Best First Shanghai Film 2018
  • Selected Granada Festival 2018
  • Selected for the 2018 Sydney Festival
  • Selected New Horizons Festival 2018
  • Selected Melbourne Festival 2018
  • Selected Sakhalin Festival 2018
  • Selected Pyongyang Festival 2018
  • Selected Copenhagen Festival 2018
  • Selected Arab Film Festival 2018 Festival
  • Selected for the Europe 2018 Chest Festival
  • Selected Turkey Crime and Punishment Festival 2018
  • Selected by El Kino Festival 2018
  • Beirut international Women film – Best Screenplay Award 2020
  • Beirut international Women film – Best Feature Film Award 2020


TV commercials

  • Winner of the best TV commercial for the LG brand in 2 consecutive years (2006 and 2007) of the LG International Festival
  • Golden Shahin Award from the National Advertising Festival for the press advertisement of Bank Mellat in 2016
  • Golden Shahin Award from the National Advertising Festival for environmental advertisement in 2016
  • Golden Shahin Award from the National Advertising Festival for the digital campaign Jadoo ba Cif for the Cif brand in 2016
  • Golden Shahin Award from the National Advertising Festival of Iran for a TV commercial with a cultural approach in 2017
  • Golden Shahin Award from the National Advertising Festival of Iran for the TV commercial Rokhdad ordered by Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation and idea generation and production of Badkoobeh in 2017
  • Golden Shahin Award from the National Advertising Festival of Iran for the TV commercial Famila in 2017
  • Golden Shahin Award from the National Advertising Festival of Iran for the radio ad of Pars Lent called Bi Seda in 2017
  • Animations
  • Babak Badkoobeh produced more than 2500 minutes of animated series and movies from 2005 to 2014. This made him a professional producer in the field of animation and brought domestic and international awards for him.
  • Navazande
  • Attending the South Korean Animation Festival and Zellin the Czech
  • Winner of the Diploma of Honor Award for Best Animation at the 28th Fajr Film Festival in Tehran
  • Winner of Roshd Festival Award
  • Nominated for Best Animation at the Cinema House Festival
  • Candidate of Hamedan Festival
  • Winner of the first film award of the 7th Tehran Animation Festival
  • Received a crystal plaque and an honorary diploma from Jam e Jam Festival
  • Ghaleeye Sorkh
  • Winner of the twentieth prize of Isfahan Children’s Festival 2006
  • Winner of the Special Jury Prize of the 2008 Resistance Festival
  • Attending festivals – Stuttgart, Karachi, Zanzibar
  • Mahigir
  • Honorary diploma for the best short film from the 26th Isfahan International Children’s Film Festival
  • The first winner of the 4th Toronto Canada Festival 2013

Social Responsibility

In 2012 he wrote a letter to the then President of Iran regarding branding, which was widely covered in the media. He has also advised and collaborated with UNICEF and other national and international charities, for instance, Zanjire Omid Kids House Charity,  Mahak, Autism, Ghoghnous, Bakhshesh, Tolo Kahrizak, Behnam Daheshpour and Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation.

Bachelor in Fine Arts
Soore University
Master of Marketing
NEOMA Business School in France
Doctorate's Degree in Management
L'IPAG Business School in France


1369 The magic journey actor Abolhasan Davoodi the film won the silver award for the long-term film in the third international season of children’s film festival in Cairo (1370) and Golden Butterfly for the best film in the sixth children and teenager’s festival (1369).
1368 Roommate actor Mehrdad Farid The film was made again as before with acting Akbar Abdi and Babak Badkoobeh.
1396 Deresaazh Investor Pooya Badkobeh The film was the most honorable one in the year and won Simorgh award in Fajr International Festival in Iran. It was awarded in Berlin Festival and other awards, too.
1399 The moment and nothing else Investor Kaveh Ghahraman



1362 Have you heard this children? actress Ms. Arab A  52-part comedy
1365 At home Actor Bijhan Birang- Masood Rasam A 13-part nightly serial which was the best serial on TV in it’s era.
1367 Neighbours Actor Bijhan Birang- Masood Rasam An occasional serial for Nowruz 68
1372- 1373 Summer Administrator Amir Samavati It was a  90-part combined telecast which was produced by children and teenager’s group of Channel 2.
1373-1374 Autumn Administrator Amir Samavati It was a  90-part combined telecast which was produced by children and teenager’s group of Channel 2.


1373-1374 Green, White, Red Administrator Amir Samavati It was a  90-part combined telecast which was produced by children and teenager’s group of Channel 2.
1376 With youth Administrator A live conversational program in 26 parts from the 3rd channel
1373-1374 The young searchers Director and writer Babak Badkoobeh A 13-part  serial for teenagers and youth
1379 Analysis Director and writer Babak Badkoobeh A 90-part TV program from channel 1
1393-1394 Here, the future Provider and administrator Pooya Badkoobeh A TV program broadcasted from channel 1. The last part was broadcasted as a live program, more than 6 hours as an especial program.
1399 Hello, Good morning Expert Mahmood Karimi A live TV program from channel 3


Animation and visual effects

1383 Barfak serial Provider A 26-part animation for TV
1383 Red Castle Provider Short film
1383 Earthy Provider Short film
1383 Babak and his paintings Provider and director 13-part serial A
1384 The kind ones Provider A 7-part serial
1384 Satan dance Provider Short film
1384 Jungle friends 1 Provider A 26-part serial
1384-1385 Our jungle Provider A 26-part serial
1385 Luminous mountain Provider Short film
1385 Greener than Spring Provider Short film
1385 Deadlock Provider Short film
1385 Eternal composure Provider Short film
1385 Good morning, Mr. Provider Short film
1386 Secret garden Provider Short film
1386 Being Provider Short film
1386 School bell Provider A 26-part serial
1387 Where is my house? Provider Short film
1388 Cloudy girl Provider Short film
1388 My family Provider A 26-part serial
1388 Jungle friends 2 Provider A 26-part serial
1388 Musician Provider A short film and awarded the Simorgh of Fajr International Festival
1389 The spent time Provider Short film
1389 Jungle friends 3 Provider A 26-part serial
1389 As a play Provider A 26-part serial
1389 Irreversible Provider Short film
1389 Wall Street Provider Short film
1389 The angel’s heart Provider Short film
1390 Yellow and black Provider A 26-part serial
1390 The sweet taste of honey Provider A 26-part serial
1390 My moon Provider Short film
1391 Yellow and black Provider Long film
1392 As a play 2 Provider A 26-part serial
1392 Yellow and black 2 Provider A 26-part serial
1393 Jungle friends 4 Provider A 13-part serial
1393 Kimdi toys Provider A 26-part serial